Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Oro Valley Church of the Nazerene 1/7/12

The baptismal is behind the wall of the cross

The children/youth wing and the old church in the back

The sanctuary is thru the glass doors

you could see these gorgeous mountains thru the large windows at the back of the sanctuary

Makin' Christmas cookies on Christmas Eve

Heather making colored sugar

Don cuttin' out cookies

Heather puttin' on the sugar

The finished product - Yum!

Heather making white chocolate pretzels

All done :)

Snow on the mountains behind our apt. Dec. 3 & 4

 These two are the next day

My 2011 Christmas tree

 My purty girl!

Our 23rd Anniversary

 My gorgeous roses
 and sweet card

Pecan Festival

We went to a pecan festival in Green Valley, AZ which was south of Tucson

 One of the goregous sunsets we saw there

 My handsome hubby :)
Don and I went for a walk down the wash not far from where we lived. 11-9-11
 These are prickley pear cactus. The top one has a fruit on it called a "tuna". I thought these were neat with their "heart" shape. The cactus turns purple because it is cold.

 These were some pretty "flowers"

 The view from the top of the hill by our apt.

 Another view from the top of the hill
 The mountain behind our apt.
 Views from the parking area at our apt.