Sunday, March 8, 2009

Brock's big decision

Brock had to make a decision about what to do after high school. He had gone back and forth between going to college and joining the military. He had decided at one time to join the military. We, his Father and I, had quite a few longs talks with him about his decision. He then changed his mind and decided to go to college for a year and see how that went. Even though he said that he had made this decision, I knew that he continued to think about joining the Air Force. Then one Sunday afternoon, he spoke with his father. He said that he had made up his mind and that he had decided to join the Air Force. We had a few more talks, to see if he was really serious. He was. So, we met with a Air Force recruiter. He answered a lot of questions that we had. So, the recruiter worked it all out so that Brock could go to Albany and get his physical done. Brock went to Albany on February 11Th. On the 12Th of February, he had his physical done and was signed into the Air Force. He is now on inactive duty. Brock has to finish high school and then a little more than a month later he will be going to boot camp. We don't know the exact date when he will leave, so this is where we stand for now.
My handsome man, all dressed up My two favorite men
Brock shoveling snow off the deck...
so Don can grill
This is pictures from our trip to the ice castle. The theme this year was "Pirates of the Adirondacks" The front
Inside the ice castle, the thrones
My family
Pirate ship
Arrgh Matey!!!
My handsome husband!
Here is my one lone picture of Christmas. For some reason we didn't take alot of pictures this year.