Sunday, January 17, 2010

Brock's Departure....back to technical school...

On the way to Albany Don's dad getting patted down, because he can't go through the x-ray machine due to his pacemaker/defibulator
Father and son
My handsome son
We were able to go thru security and wait with Brock until his flight left; that really helped
My last hug....

New Years Eve and Day

Brock and Lucas playing Wii bowling
self portraits for the new year
What a pretty girl!!!
family fun

The Sunday after Christmas

My handsome son Father and son
Brock and his grandparents
Heather driving us home

Christmas Day

Frosty morning
Don asked me to marry him again and gave me a wedding ring in my stocking
My pretty girl
Brock and Heather got laptops
My handsome son
our family picture

Christmas Eve

My in-laws place

Christmas tree 2009

Brock came home for Christmas

The sign Don made for him Seeing my son for the first time in over a month

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Heather and her "baby"

Heather and the baby she took care of for parenting class at school. She had to take care of him for 5 days. She named him Brian.

Heather's 16th Birthday party

Grandma, Grandpa, Dad, Lucas, Daryl and Heather
Heather blowing out her candles At Bowlwinkle's bowling alley
Heather counting her birthday money so she could get her permit Dad, Heather and Mom on Heather's 16th bday