Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lovely Saturday

The cruise ship that we went for a lunch cruise on A beautiful lake
Enjoying the view
Relaxing at Word of Life before the concert - enjoying the view of Schroon Lake The Collingsworth Family in concert at Word of Life in Schroon Lake
Brooklyn and Courtney

Monday, August 10, 2009

Brock took this picture of us at the Legacy Five concert Watching the Ironman race
Heather the new "Annie Oakley"
Heather got her braces off Aug. 6th - this is before
and this is her beautiful smile afterwards

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Las Vegas vacation

Sunrise at Albany airport Our flight to Las Vegas was supposed to leave at 7:00am. It didn't, due to personnel issues and then finally a mechanical difficulty. Then they told us the plane wasn't leaving. So we finally got a different flight, but it didn't leave until about 6pm that evening. So, we sat in the Albany airport for about 13 hours before we were able to finally be on our way. I was just thankful to be able to leave that same day, instead of being put up in a hotel and leaving the next day. So that was a great start to our vacation. We had a great time tho!
Finally on our way Here are pics of our condo for the week
The view from the living room window
The outside of our condo
Mom and daughter on the 4th of July
The sporty little Toyota Camery we drove
Driving down the strip the second evening we were there
The Eiffel tower replica on a drive by A view of the strip driving
The Stratosphere - there are 3 rides on top of this building!
A blurry pic of the lights of the strip at dusk
On our way west to Bonnie Springs Ranch and the Red Rock Canyon
Aren't they purty?! About the only flowers I saw in the desert
The new teacher in town - Heather Ready to go to the next fire
Brock in an old-time wheel chair
The bathrooms at Bonnie Springs Ranch
This is me and the lady that started Bonnie View Springs Ranch - she is in her 80s and still comes out and talks to and oversees the care of these animals that she has taken in most days of the week a lynx that had been bottle fed
emu that would take a drink and throw water at Brock
goats that were butting heads through the fence
This goat liked to butt heads with the help
Red Rock Canyon
I had to take this picture - I just had to know why the rocks were red!!!
Father and daughter striking a pose
A family pic at Red Rock Canyon Brother and sisterly love
Red Rock Canyon Natural Preservation Area
My beautiful daughter Heather
My handsome son Brock
My handsome husband resting for a moment
Inside the shark reef aquarium
Brock touching a stingray at the Sharkreef aquarium
At the Luxor casino Standing like statues like King Tut
On one of the cross walks above the strip
The lions at the MGM Grand
Outside the cool M & M store on the strip
Look at the rainbow of M & Ms
Don and his hot chick
My kids and the real live yellow M & M
The Luxor casino - it had a picture from the movie Transformers on it
The family pic under the famous Las Vegas sign - just wish the lady had zoomed in just a tad
This is Roger's oasis on the way to the Valley of Fire