Saturday, September 25, 2010

Labor Day weekend

Mother and daughter ready to head to Maine for a mini vacation On the way....
Mr. McDonalds
My sweet hubbie at our little picnic on the way to Maine
My wind blown hair - lovely!!
A beautiful flower at the motel where we stayed in Wells, Maine
The pool area
Picnic area
Motel - they had some cabins too
The main house and office
The sign...yes, I got the pictures backwards
Are we ready to go???
On the walk to the lighthouse
The lighthouse at Cape Elizabeth, Portland, Maine
Heather enjoying the sights
We went to Cabela's - a huge sporting goods store
Brock takin' it easy in an easy chair in Cabela's At Mike's Clam Shack
The waves at high tide....lovely Earl
Brock and Heather checking out high tide
Heather standing on the beach at high tide Playing mini golf - we play 3 rounds that day
At this one golf course, you had to use this spinner for the hole that it was
on and do what it said to do. This one said to shoot the first shot while
standing on one foot.
This was a fun maze that Brock, Heather and I did at the mini golf course.
Heather won.
My handsome son
My awesome family!
We went to the ocean...
The rolling tide
At the ocean
Eating breakfast before we have to leave
Our favorite ice cream place Look at all the flavors!!
We ate at an A&W on the way home